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Care Options for Seniors Wanting to Stay at Home

Care Options for Seniors Wanting to Stay at Home

For many senior individuals, institutionalized living is something they would want to avoid. As much as possible, many of them want to receive care and assistance at home whenever they need such support. While there are still older adults who choose common options such as assisted living facilities or retirement communities, more and more people are engaging the help of providers of Home Care Services in College Park, Georgia.

Home care opens up a lot of possibilities for seniors wanting to remain in their homes which are familiar and comfortable surroundings for them. Some of the kinds of care that seniors may receive at home include the following:

  • Personal Care
    Seniors may need help with activities of daily living such as taking a bath or eating, among others. Personal care aims to address their need to have someone aid them in completing such tasks.
  • Companion Care
    Companion care is the kind of care given to aging individuals who need help with activities that are not directly related to their physical needs. This care may include homemaking.
  • Home Health Care
    With this type of care, seniors with serious medical conditions receive both medical and non-medical care at home. This may also include a Community Care Services Program.
  • Respite Care
    Family members who act as caregivers can temporarily hand over their caregiving duties to experienced caregivers so they can take a break.
  • Hospice and Palliative Care
    For those with terminal illnesses, hospice and palliative care allow the patients to stay at home while receiving appropriate relief.

A reliable Home Care Agency in Georgia is what you need to provide you or your loved ones with assistance at home. When you opt to receive care and support at home, contact Astin Home Care for our services. Talk to us today!

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