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Astin Home Care Services In Atlanta

When considering an agency for in home care services in Atlanta, it typically comes at a stressful time. Here’s a little insight to assure you make an informative decision, verses an emotional one. Most home care agencies generally offer the same services and hire their employees from the same pool of caregivers. Prices tend to vary between agencies around $1 – $4 per hour based upon particular services and the level of care. A lot of those higher end cost are equated to presentation, whether it’s the agency’s office, uniforms or marketing material. Like I said earlier, similar services and same pool of caregivers. Paying a higher cost doesn’t necessarily equate to receiving a higher level of care. So when choosing an agency don’t fall for the fancy brochures and an expensive presentation. The identifiers of an exceptional agency are compliance, quality and a successful track record.

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Astin Home Care Atlanta, Ga

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AARP’s checklist on choosing an agency for in home senior care in Atlanta

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