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Eat your meals, Please!

The ultimate guide for caregivers to meal planning and food assistance

Do you eat three times a day? Does your meal have the required nutrients that your body needs?

Are you keen on your diet? We all know how important food is for us to sustain our daily activities.

Well, for the senior members of our community, food is more critical than we can imagine. For the aged, their food consumption is more restricted and their diet is quite different than ours.

As we age, our body’s needs change and we must adopt our lifestyle to its demands. Similarly, our food intake must also be sufficient to be able to meet to our needs and give us the energy that we need to survive. We may not see it now, but assistance in meal preparation by Astin non-medical home care in Atlanta GA plays a big role in maintaining a well-balanced diet for seniors. Meal preparatiom and food assistance will be needed by our aged patients since they might not be able to do it themselves alone.

It is important to note what do caregivers do when they are hired by our clients to look after the patient’s food intake and consumption. Here are some of the responsibilities of a caregiver:

1. Develop a nutritional plan
Good nutrition will always be the primary concern of our senior patients. This is true especially when our aged family members have other health concerns and they are specifically advised by the doctor to be very attentive in their diet. A home health agency like our non-medical home care in Atlanta GA, can provide caregivers who can attend to your loved one’s need in creating a customized meal plan for the patient. In this manner, we can constantly check the food that is getting into the patient’s body and we can also control the nutrients that the patient’s need.

2. Make food appetizing
As a caregiver, it is also our job to increase the appetite of our patients. There are some senior patients that are picky with their foods and it would be our job to choose the food that are appropriate for them and make it look appetizing that our patient would really want to it. Moreover, on situations wherein our patient have a hard time swallowing do to some difficulties in their mouth and digestive organs, we can provide alternative for foods like puree and shakes that will be easier for them to eat.

3. Always feed patients on time
Perhaps this is the most important job of an Astin caregivers at our non-medical home care in Atlanta GA. We make it a priority that we get the food ready before the patient’s meal time. We want to be on time when it comes to feeding the patients so that the patients are given their sufficient nutrients needed.

4. Communicate with health professionals
It is important for caregivers especially in non-medical health care agencies like Astin Home Care to always refer to professionals especially with the medical concerns of the patient. If we have patients who have problems with swallowing due to speech pathological defects or to those who are under rehabilitation and they need to have special cutlery and personal menu due to their health condition, we must always work hand in hand with the patient’s doctor to avoid complications.

Although this part of a caregiver’s job is not that stressful but it is undoubtedly important. It is important that patients must always receive enough nutrients and must eat their meals on time. If you are in need of efficient caregivers to help prepare your loved one’s meal, you can visit our non-medical home care in Atlanta GA.

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