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Home For The Holidays

Happy Holidays, this is the time of the year you have been waiting patiently to arrive. It’s time to visit your aging parents who live out of state. During your weekly calls, mom tells you they are doing well and you are super excited to get a piece of her amazing sweet potato pie. Please do not be blinded by the excitement. This is an awesome opportunity to attend Doctor appointments, visit local senior centers and more. Astin Home Care has found that this is a crucial time for adult children to identify if there are any concerns which may not be recognized during a phone conversation. Many times parents are able to hide their need for a little help in the home; however there are a few signs that will determine if in home care services are needed.

Top 5 Signs That May Indicate Mom or Dad Need In Home Care Services:

  1. Hygiene: You may notice your parent is not managing his/her hygiene appropriately
  2. Home Chores: You may notice the laundry is stacked in a corner, the dishes are piled high and the tub is being used for storage
  3. Nutrition: You may notice the refrigerator is filled with spoiled food
  4. Medication: You may notice mom is not eating consistently and her medication has not been taken
  5. Safety: You may notice mom left the stove on after cooking breakfast

The above list identifies some of the areas that tend to occur when aging parents begin to slow down and need a little help to remain home safely. Mr. Williams, Director of operations at Astin Home Care in Atlanta, Georgia suggests contacting 2-3 private duty non-medical home care agencies to begin your due diligence on locating an agency to begin building a relationship. He also suggests scheduling a meeting with the agency’s administrator while you are in town. It is important to know most parents are not open to having a caregiver aka stranger initially so don’t be alarmed. So it is a key factor in helping your parent adjust and fill comfortable when you return home.

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