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For your reference on the level of care and services we provide, here are a few testimonies of our patients. Take time to read our previous and current patients’ feedback.

40 Responses to Client Testimonials

  1. Vachon

    I could not be more pleased with the wonderful home health aids that watched over my 96 year old father. Michele was immediately responsive to his/my needs. I felt secure that he was being cared for in the best possible way.

  2. Jenderby

    I couldn’t haves hoped for better care and service!!! They provided me the help and support I needed after my elderly mother needed a couple of weeks of home care, after having major surgery. They were awesome and I give them my highest recommendation. Jennifer Derby

  3. Terramani

    I met Michelle through a networking meeting and I have a very sick relative. We talked about that and I got her to take care of my uncle. They were very professional. I didn’t have any issues and they are always on time when they came up there to help my uncle. They were very flexible with his needs because he has cancer. He was still independent into a degree but they just tailored the care specific to what he needed. They are very detailed and they always check my uncle. He would let him know if he needed help. I don’t remember an issue with attendance because she was always on time. They would call us if we need additional services.

  4. Clara8

    My caretaker is excellent! I like the way she takes care of me. I trust her and she makes me not worry. I’m 90 years old and I’m dependent of her. I want to keep her as my caregiver. I’ve been using her for months now. I am really satisfied with her care and service. I would like to keep her because she is very efficient and very caring.

  5. therealestatediva

    I have had the pleasure of working directly with Michele E. during the creation of All About Seniors and was extremely impressed. Michele has a sincere passion for helping seniors and their love ones. She ensures each and every step of the business is done with the highest level of morals and ethics. Michele does not waiver when it comes to the care and commitment given to each of her staff members and clients. It is obvious; she is doing and working within her GOD given gift/talent. I highly recommend All About Seniors to anyone seeking to build a relationship with an organization that is built on solid principles.

  6. 112happy

    I was told everything I needed to know….what they do, what they provide, hours, etc. Really excellent!

  7. terryy

    We were very satisfied with All About Seniors. The nurse provided very good service. She was able to travel from Duluth, where my sister was when my mother was there, to Douglasville, where I am when my mother was here. Unfortunately, the nurse had some health issues herself and needed to stop doing what she’s doing.

  8. felharris

    My family and I are extremely grateful to All About Seniors and the level of care provided to our aging Dad. Our Dad communicated to us how his caregiver was very patient, professional and attentive. My family and I were kept informed of our Dad’s health and progress each day. I can’t say enough positive and wonderful things about your caregiver, your organization and the level of service that was provided. We truly appreciate your dedication to providing the best care for our Dad.

  9. Teresa Williams

    First of all, “Astin Home Care” is a compassionate Senior Agency capitalizing on the needs of our loved ones. The owner, Michele E., genuinely care for seniors and offer great services to them. I was totally blown away by the services offered. I initially thought “Astin Home Care” would be a traditional agency offering only in-home nursing care. However, I’ve learned they’re a full service concierge, which is sort of rare nowadays. They are qualified in escorting seniors to the doctor and communicating professionally with their physician. They are also qualified medically to ask questions, and relay, and a professional manner, communications back to loved ones….which is an excellent perk! Secondly, for those who may live out of state, you can be comfortable knowing that your loved ones are in very good hands.

    And last, but not least, for those of us fortunate to have seniors as parents, and are unable to personally care for them, Astin Home Care will be an answer to your prayers!

  10. William Deginova

    Astin Home Care helped me tremendously!!! Michele is an awesome owner and very professional. My mother whom is the client is highly satisfied and sings Michele’s praises every time we speak. Its good to know my mother is in good hands. Thanks, Michele & All About Seniors

  11. Walter19

    I found Astin Care on the website. Astin Care is one of the most polite and caring companies that I’ve ever went across. My mother has fallen in love with the caregiver. She’s topnotch. She even sends pictures of my mother when they’re shopping. She’s communicating to me and my brother even if he’s in South Florida. I’m really impressed.

  12. Super C

    My grandmother needed someone to take care of her when her caregiver resigned abruptly. Luckily, Astin Care stepped in and made life easier for everyone.

    Grandma turns 91 this year and she is still living at home independently and very happy with Michelle and all the care she is receiving. As a family, we finally feel we have a partner in this journey – Michelle communicates constantly, has opened elder care resources we didn’t know about, and is very professional.

    We love how Astin Care has made Grandma’s life so much easier and how wonderful they have been. We wish we found them sooner.

  13. LyndaBeGood

    Astin Home Care has been supporting my 78 y/o mother for several months. Having an aide was very new and different for my mother – it took her some getting use to having someone outside of the family “helping” her do day-to-day activities and just spending time with her.

    Michele and her team have done wonders with my mother. They not only met with my mother initially but also with my brother and I to make sure they understood the goals we had for our mom as well. Now, my mother looks forward to her aide coming and is very excited when they have things planned to do outside of the house.

    I would highly recommend Astin Home Care to any of my friends and family.

  14. JamesSm71

    I have been using Astin Home Care for several months and am very happy with their service. My relationship with Michele has been the best. Also, I am very satisfied with my Companion. She is pleasant, provides excellent care, and is very trustworthy. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is searching for quality home care.

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