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How Must We Serve our Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease?

People with Alzheimer’s disease need to be taken care of. This is because they have a unique needs. The disease is a progressing one therefore in caring for these types of patients; it is great to have an extra supply of patience inside our pockets.

This extra supply could help caregivers aid their patients in dealing with the symptoms of the disease. Having the illness is challenging enough and all the more reason for the patient for they are destined to live with until they no longer need care..

This is one of the reasons why we at Astin Home Care, Non-Medical Home Care in Atlanta, GA, want to share with you some tips on how we must serve these patients especially with personal care.

In eating:
Healthy foods are important to us, how much more for them?

Astin Home Care ensures that our clients can have what they want to eat. We buy and prepare healthy and easy-to-make foods such as salads. For those patients with early-stage Alzheimer’s, we let them cook and prepare meals on their own if they want to. Since in that stage, their eating habits do not change yet.

However, when there are signs that they are not safe being alone already (for example, if they forget to eat or if the food they are cooking are burnt because the oven or stove is not turned off), then our assistance in making their meals are done.

In bathing:
It is very important to respect and to be sensitive to our patient. Washing and bathing is critical on their part since it is a private and personal activity. We adjust to that kind of change. So, when helping them bathe, it is important to encourage them to do and continue their routines but when our patient does not want or need some assistance, we then take their feelings and choices into consideration.

There are a lot to consider with regards to the preferences of our clients. Examples are the place they prefer to undress, bath or shower, toiletries to use and so on. We ultimately understand and consider these preferences.

In dressing them up:
We do not rush our patient since it may cause frustrations and anxiety on their part. Thus, we plan well. How? We assist them by simplifying the choices of their clothes. We keep at least one or two outfits in their dresser or keep the closet closed and locked as possible.

We give our patient one clothing at a time or just lay out first their undergarments, then pants and lastly their shirt. We give instructions that are direct and particular such as ‘Wear your underwear first.’ instead of ‘Get dressed up’.

We buy and choose clothes as comfortable as possible for them. Loose-fitting shirts and blouses, sports bra, short cotton socks and non-slip shoes are advisable.

We are flexible. We keep in mind that personal hygiene which includes wearing tidy undergarments and the like is a must. If our patient likes to wear the same clothes again and again, then we make sure to buy two similar items for them.

Those are just some of the basic services we can offer to our patients. Their fundamental needs are targeted primarily. They may forget things but they still have life. Such is our advocate in Astin Home Care’s Non-Medical Home Care in Atlanta, GA. We believe that they can still do more despite their incapability and we want them to realize that.

If you want to inquire or refer your elderly into Astin Home Care’s Non-Medical Home Care in Atlanta, GA, visit our website at Feel free to leave a comment below this blog. Thanks for reading.

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