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How To Care For Your Aging Parents without Moving Them

The time has passed by and now you are caring for your mom and or dad. Your siblings are out of state and you are left feeling all alone and 100% responsible for their well-being. So you step up to the plate and put on the many hats and juggle all of the balls thrown your way with a smile.

However trying to keep everyone happy has left you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. You may also be feeling some guilt based on your inner thoughts of placing mom and or dad in a facility. It’s not what your heart desires; however you have begun neglecting your spouse, children, home, personal needs and a change must be made.

Please don’t feel bad, you are not alone. There are millions of family members in the same situation which is known as the “Sandwich Generation”. The Sandwich Generation is people typically in their thirties or forties, responsible for bringing up their own children and for the care of their aging parents.

Most seniors prefer the idea of aging gracefully in place at home verses being uprooted and placed in a facility away from their “norm”. Private duty non-medical home care agencies have helped many families by offering care in the home.

There are a few things you should verify prior to hiring a home care provider in Atlanta to care for your parent:

  • Verify if licensed by The Georgia Department of Community Health, Healthcare Facility Regulations
  • Asked the home care agency administrator to see the last 2 or 3 state inspection report or you can see it online at the DCH website
  • Verify the agency is insured properly i.e. General liability, workers comp and bond coverage
  • Ask if caregivers are employees vs. independent contractors (you take on all liability if they are independent contracted caregivers
  • Ask how they screen their employees prior to hiring and ongoing training.

A professional home care agency can offer services that will help your loved one(s) remain home safely and provide a peace of mind for you. Once you invest in a caregiver service you can resume creating memories with your spouse, attending your children’s activities and have time for yourself. We have heard for many adult children that they love having the option of being the “Daughter” vs the “Caregiver”.

Astin Home Care in Atlanta is known in the Atlanta Metro area for providing exceptional caregivers who care and are highly trained. Astin Home Care is owned by a healthcare/Dementia professional who understands the needs of seniors and their loved ones. Visit for information on Personal Care, Companionship, Non-Medical Senior Transportation, Errands, Medication Reminders and so much more. Ask for a free in-home assessment by cal

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