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How To Choose the Best Home Care Package Service?

Astin Home Care, a Non-Medical Home Care in Atlanta, GA, offers the best non-medical home health care services as proven by their more than 5 decades of experience. Astin Home Care has helped a lot of families and elderlies lead more convenient and comfortable lives despite the challenge of advanced age. This is why, as the best Non-Medical Home Care in Atlanta, GA, Astin Home Care continues to strive for excellence in the services they offer such as Home Care Package.

Astin Home Care offers a variety of care plans under the Home Care Package. How do we know which service to avail?

Short-term Needs: Bath and Breakfast, and Seniors-On-The-Go
There are two care plans under this: the Bath and Breakfast which is good for about 2 hours and the Seniors-On-The-Go which is good for 4-6 hours. The first care plan is for those who just need assistance in getting out of bed, settling in the bedside, bathing, preparing breakfast, and giving medication reminders. The second care plan, on the other hand will provide assistance as our elderlies climb in and out of vehicles to go through errands like going to the grocery store, pharmacy, and treating themselves out like having lunch with friends. The assistance will continue until such time our elderly loved one is back home safe and sound. This is best for those who still have family members who can look after them for most time of the day while they are at home.

Flexible Needs: The Day Saver and Customized Care Plan
There are also plans for flexible needs: the day saver and customized care after being home from a hospital stay. The day saver will give assistance to our elderlies during unexpected times when we can’t be around for the day. There is also the customized care plan that is designed based on discharge instructions after our loved ones have gone home from hospital stay. These care plans are for those who have sudden or specific medical needs.

Long-term Needs: Care at Home Plan
Then there’s the care at home plan for those who really need assistance at home for twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. This program encourages our loved ones to be independent especially in taking care of themselves. At the same time, safety, health, and over-all wellbeing is still of utmost priorities. This care plan also assists in light house-keeping and home-making based on the elderly’s needs.

Astin Home Care, being one of the most client-oriented Non-Medical Home Care in Atlanta, GA, will be more than happy to assist us and give more details regarding their Home Care Package. We may call them through 770-790-0012 for more information.

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