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Maintain a Healthy Diet This Thanksgiving

Everyone’s excited for Thanksgiving Day because it’s the best time to prepare a scrumptious meal and dine with our family members. A gathering is always better with the presence of delicious food. Providers of Home Care Services in College Park, Georgia and the surrounding areas encourage you to spend time with your loved ones but … Continue reading

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Why Is Non-Medical Transportation Important?

A lot of families prefer to take their loved ones to their schedules and appointments themselves. Some seniors and people with disabilities may insist on driving or using public transport without a companion, claiming that they can manage on their own. While these are acceptable, they need special transportation to ensure their safety and comfort … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating for Your Health Condition

Healthy eating promotes and supports physical, mental, and social health. Astin Home Care, a reliable provider of home care services in College Park, Georgia, offers the following information to help you make healthy choices while you are managing a chronic disease or medical condition. Foods for Brain Health A stable stream of nutrients is necessary to fuel the brain. After all, … Continue reading

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Criteria Check: What Makes the Best Home Care Agency?

The health and welfare of our aging loved ones can improve a great deal when they have help from professionals who come from a Home Care Agency in Georgia. If they choose to age in their homes, they will require help and assistance so their safety is preserved. But how do you know if you’re … Continue reading

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Top 3 Reasons Why Home Care Differs from Nursing Home

When it comes to a point that we need to weigh the options on providing quality care to our senior loved ones, we encounter the common choices, which are nursing homes and Home Care Agencies in Georgia. Some people interchange these two options, but they are in fact, different. Exactly how different is home care … Continue reading

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Care Options for Seniors Wanting to Stay at Home

For many senior individuals, institutionalized living is something they would want to avoid. As much as possible, many of them want to receive care and assistance at home whenever they need such support. While there are still older adults who choose common options such as assisted living facilities or retirement communities, more and more people … Continue reading

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