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At Astin Home Care & Medical Staffing, we provide short-term, long-term, and permanent medical staffing solutions for healthcare facilities looking to meet their care objectives by overcoming staffing shortages. Recruiting has always been challenging in this industry, but with the current healthcare workers shortage, we know just how tedious and expensive it can be for a facility to assemble a team of their dreams. And besides, the stakes have never been higher, and these facilities can no longer afford to hire workers who don’t fit their exact needs.

But why is America experiencing a shortage of healthcare workers? There are several contributing factors for this predicament, but based on our own research, we can point to the following:

  • An aging population that is generating a bigger need for these workers.
  • An increase in chronic diseases.
  • The retirement of many healthcare workers.
Home Care Assistance Georgia

How It Works:

Our medical staffing service starts with communication from the facility in need of staff. During this stage, the facility communicates its staffing needs to us, i.e., the position to be filled, required skills, basic responsibilities, business policies, etc. In turn, we communicate our terms and conditions as a medical staffing service.

Armed with the staffing needs of our client, our staffing professionals may create a job posting and share it across various channels, or select several candidates through different professional resources. Strict guidelines are followed during this process to ensure only the highest-quality candidates are eventually presented to the client.

As soon as a couple of possible matches have been identified, their profiles or resumes are taken through several verification and screening processes to narrow down the pool. All candidates who manage to pass through this stage are then invited for a face-to-face interview where our staffing professionals seek to learn more about their skills, qualifications, career choices, etc. This information is then assessed carefully and further screenings are conducted help to narrow down the pool even further.

The candidate or candidates who pass this stage are then referred to our client for a face-to-face interview. Only those who satisfy the client during this interview secure the vacant position or positions.

We Staff the following disciplines:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Certified Nurse Aide
  • Sitters
  • Administrative/Clerical (Front Desk)
  • Medical Billing/Coding

And we staff for the following clinical settings:

  • Hospitals
  • Assisted Living
  • Medical Office
  • Hospice Agencies
  • Long Term Facilities
  • Personal Care Homes
  • Group Homes
  • Educational System
  • Urgent Care
  • And Others

Medical staffing is available for the entire state of Georgia 

Astin Home Care & Medical staffing specializes in finding the ideal candidates to assist your organization with its staffing need.

Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on your patients and the day-day operations.

Call us today or complete this short form and a staffing professional will call you.