Senior Companion Care in College Park, Georgia

Senior Companion Care in College Park and Atlanta

Hourly/ 24x7 Home Care Services by Trained Caregiver

Other than chronic illnesses, boredom, isolation, and loneliness are among the issues affecting our seniors the most. This is usually as a result of mobility issues and the loss of their driving capabilities, both of which lead to fewer socialization opportunities.

What Is A Companion Care Service?

A companion care service is a form of in-home care, whose primary goal is to offer emotional support and companionship to older adults and other individuals that may be housebound for one reason or another.

Astin’s Companion Care Services

Our companion care service is designed to make life more manageable for our clients, but alleviating loneliness and isolation is the main objective behind this service.

How It Works:

A companion/caregiver makes daily or regular visits, depending on the client’s desired schedule. During these visits, the companion provides social interaction through a number of tasks and activities, such as the following:

  • Taking relaxing walks
  • Playing all kinds of games, including card and board games (mental stimulation)
  • Talking and reminiscing
  • Offering a listening ear
  • Watching movies and listening to music
  • Reading
  • Looking at old photos
  • And more.

While our goal is to primarily provide emotional support through companion care, our companions are also ready and willing to provide some basic help with the following tasks:

  • Diet monitoring
  • Organizing mail and paying bills
  • Assistance in going up and down the stairs
  • Help with getting in or out of bed
  • Transfer assistance
  • Exercise programs
  • Escort to appointments
  • Escort to religious services
  • Escort to movies/restaurant
  • Am and pm care
  • Safety supervision
  • Reminding the client to take medication
  • Errand/shopping
  • Coupon clipping & grocery shopping
  • Overseeing home deliveries/repairs

Getting Started:

Astin Home Care makes it easy for anyone to get started with our Companion Care Services. All you need to do is get in touch with us via the numbers provided at the end of this page, and we will coordinate a free meeting in the comfort of your home.

The purposes behind this initial meeting are to get to know you, understand your needs in detail, and allow you to ask questions. No one will pressure you into signing up for the service, but if you do decide to proceed with us, we will pair you up with a companion who is not only qualified and compassionate but one who matches your personality as well.

Astin Home Care – (866) 807-8970. You’re welcome to send an email to as well.

Our In-Home Care Services Include:

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  • Senior Companion Care in Georgia
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We take care of you at home! Start with Home Care in Atlanta, GA soon by calling us at Astin Home Care – (866) 807-8970. You’re welcome to send an email to as well.

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