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Top 3 Reasons Why Home Care Differs from Nursing Home

Top 3 Reasons Why Home Care Differs from Nursing Home

When it comes to a point that we need to weigh the options on providing quality care to our senior loved ones, we encounter the common choices, which are nursing homes and Home Care Agencies in Georgia. Some people interchange these two options, but they are in fact, different.

Exactly how different is home care from a nursing home? Let us enumerate with you their prominent differences and why you may find home care as a more suitable option.

  1. The Home Care Services in College Park, Georgia is focused on promoting the sense of independence of a senior person
    Because every person has unique needs, home care assistance is provided for seniors who are still able to carry out their daily activities on their own. However, they will need minor assistance in housekeeping, remembering their medications, or maintaining personal hygiene. Meanwhile, nursing homes are for individuals whose needs are more medical in nature, such as the need for intravenous therapy or respiratory intervention.
  2. Home care options can be provided on hourly or daily appointments, depending on the person’s needs
    Meanwhile, nursing homes are for patients who need 24/7 care and monitoring.
  3. Home care services are provided in the person’s own residence or community where they enjoy staying in
    Whether the services are provided short-term or long-term, these are extended in the comfort of the person’s home. On the other hand, nursing homes are established facilities where the person is required to stay in for as long as necessary or prescribed of their condition.

According to 87% of American seniors (65 years and up) surveyed by the AARP, they prefer to stay in their present residence or community for the rest of their aging years. In the same survey, 71% of Americans aged 50-64 also want to stay in their homes as they age.

The comfort of home is the topmost reason why many seniors continue to lean on providers of home care and Community Care Services Programs. If you also have a similar desire for your senior years, our team at Astin Home Care is ready to assist you.

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