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Top 7 Signs of Memory Loss in Seniors

Top 7 Signs of Memory Loss in Seniors

According to the National Institutes of Aging, memory loss among seniors can be caused by many factors. These include the natural progress of aging, emotional issues, and medication side effects. However, these are minor forgetfulness, which can be recovered in a while. When a person is chronically forgetful, they may require the assistance of a Home Care Agency in Georgia so they can get assistance when necessary.

On the other hand, there are severe cases of memory loss, which are caused by dementia, a progressive illness that is also common in seniors. Dementia-associated memory loss is noticeable with the following signs:

  • Short-term memory forgetfulness.

    This happens when the senior forgot why they went to the kitchen in the first place or where they put their shoes.

  • There’s difficulty in finding the right word to use in a conversation.

    They will struggle remembering the correct word no matter how simple it is.

  • They find it difficult to follow through a TV program that they have been watching for months.

    They struggle on remembering what the story is all about.

  • There’s difficulty in completing simple activities.

    For instance, during a Community Care Services Program when they’re playing scrabble, they forget about the rules of the game.

  • Confusion also manifests in this kind of forgetfulness.

    They become uncertain of their location because they forget where they are.

  • They tend to repeat something they have already done, thinking that they have not accomplished yet.

    Some seniors shave their beards twice because they don’t remember doing it earlier.

  • Unable to identify important landmarks especially near their address.

    As a result, they can be at risk of getting lost.

When memory losses disrupt the daily activities and wellbeing of your loved one, we have providers of Home Care Services in College Park, Georgia who can assist them. We help ensure that they can continue living the life they deserve despite the frequent forgetfulness.

At Astin Home Care, we help you promote the overall wellbeing of your aging loved one at home. If you need our assistance, contact us.

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