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Why Is Non-Medical Transportation Important?

Why Is Non-Medical Transportation Important?

A lot of families prefer to take their loved ones to their schedules and appointments themselves. Some seniors and people with disabilities may insist on driving or using public transport without a companion, claiming that they can manage on their own. While these are acceptable, they need special transportation to ensure their safety and comfort on the road.

As a home care agency in Georgia, we know how important and convenient non-medical transportation is. We share some of the reasons with you today.

  • Helps people with no vehicles to have efficient transportation
    NEMT drivers are familiar with the roads where they offer their services. They make sure that their clients can get to their or their appointments ahead or on time. They can provide door-to-door services to make it easier for clients to get to and from schedules.
  • Serves as safe transportation before and after health procedures
    Individuals need to relax and be kept away from stressors because their mind frame and the stress can affect the body’s preparedness to undergo therapy sessions. After procedures, a lot of patients feel dizzy, drowsy, or weak. With a Non-Medical Transportation vehicle ready, they no longer have to worry about not getting the comfortable transportation that they need.
  • Helps chair-bound individuals have comfortable transportation
    As a vital Community Care Services Program, NEMT vehicles have the proper equipment to help chair-bound and people with certain diseases and disabilities have safe transportation. These vehicles have ramps and wheelchair lifts that enable patients to directly get inside the vehicles without the need to transfer to a seat. Upon request, and based on the clients’ needs, NEMTs can also have oxygen tanks, beds, and other medical equipment.

At Astin Home Care, a provider of home care services in College Park, Georgia, you can trust our NEMT drivers to provide you with the assistance that you deserve on the road.

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