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Your Choices: The Kinds of Long Term Care You Can Get

Do you know someone who can take care of your family member for long term? Do you think it is possible to hire someone whom you can count on to be there to look after your loved ones 24/7? Perhaps you do or you can find a caregiver or a trusted non-skilled home health care provider. Long term care is what most people prefer when it comes to home health care.

Long term care refers to the type of care wherein health staffs can provide long term medical assistance to patients in all their needs. In fact, it is advisable that in hiring long term care in health providers like our non-medical home care in Atlanta, GA, you consider three things:

your budget, your family’s needs and the quality of the service.

These are important key pointers to help you choose a good service provider.

Moreover, you should also choose from the different types of long term care. In case you do not know, long term care is not only offered in health care agencies but it can also be found in your community and in housing programs.

Let us give you a quick guide to the different kinds of long term care:

1.Home Care
Listed are non-skilled home care services conducted at home. Usually family members, friends or hired professionals are the people who help give long term care to the patients. In fact Astin Home Care non-medical home care in Atlanta, GA, also offers long term care to senior patients with a wide range of services included. We assure a custom made service plan for our patients in accord to their needs and provide professional nurses to take care of them.

2. Community Services
These are support systems provided in a certain community or city to senior patients. They offer adult day care with full meal plans, transportation services and other medical needs of the patients. Community services provided long term care because families can send in their loved ones to day care centers any time they want and they can expect continued services from them. This is helpful to Alzheimer’s patients because they are given the chance to mingle with other people.

3. Housing Programs
This is a kind of long term care wherein the senior member of the family may live in a separate house provided by the government where they will be given medical assistance. These are affordable housing programs with complete facilities from the daily meals up to the medicines and other basic needs of the residents.

4. Nursing Homes
Next to home care, nursing homes are also popular when it comes to providing long term care. In nursing homes, our senior patients are being taken cared of registered nurses who can attend to all their needs 24/7. The best advantage of nursing homes is that they have the complete medical facilities for the patients.

We all can see that we have a number of options in our preferred long term care for our loved ones. But if you choose to have your loved ones stay at home and still receive complete and competent assistance, we can help you with that at our non-medical home care in Atlanta, GA.

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